1. The Anix
    Los Angeles, California
  2. Becko
    Rome, Italy
  3. Blue Stahli
    Detroit, Michigan
    Dallas, Texas
  5. Celldweller
    Los Angeles, California
  6. Circle of Dust
    Los Angeles, California
  7. Comaduster
    Edmonton, Alberta
  8. Daedric
    Dallas, Texas
  9. Kaixo
  10. Nitroverts
    Minsk, Belarus
  12. I Will Never Be The Same
    Los Angeles, California
  13. Fight The Fade
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
  14. 3D Stas
    Moscow, Russia
  15. Soul Extract
    Canton, Georgia
  16. The Qemists
  17. Raizer
  18. Voicians
  19. Void Chapter
  20. Toronto Is Broken
    Hinckley, UK
  21. The Algorithm
  22. Richy Nix
    Windsor, Ontario
  23. SeamlessR
    Chicopee, Massachusetts
  24. Seething Akira
    Portsmouth, UK
  25. SWARM
    Jacksonville, Florida
  26. Silent Villain
    Seattle, Washington
  27. Similar Outskirts
  28. Asteroid Afterparty
  29. Foxhunt
  30. The Plague
    Rochester, New York
  31. Kodeseven
    Minsk, Belarus
  32. Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
    Winston Salem, North Carolina
  33. Gancher & Ruin
    Saint Petersburg, Russia
  34. Prolix
    London, UK
  35. Afterglow
    Mexico City, Mexico
  36. Andromida
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


FiXT Los Angeles, California

FiXT is an internationally recognized, 100% independent artist-owned record label. FiXT’s catalog of music has garnered over 1.75 billion online streams connecting with a core audience of gamers, sci-fi enthusiasts and comic book fans. Founded in 2006 by artist/composer/producer Klayton, best known as Celldweller, the label serves a worldwide fanbase of customers in over 130 countries. ... more

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